Felix Omondi: Maybe the Nyayo Era Wasn’t That Bad

I mean, people (still) woke up  dead Others disappeared then reappeared dead Our soon to be parents Still met up in disco (matangas) For a moment, swung their bell-bottom trousers To the rhythm of the wind. While they drank the konyagi of their time They spoke in low tones Of the man. of the man. of the man. of the […]

On Psychedelia

by Clifton Gachagua ‘An illuminated dust blows across the vista in the distance, like merriment and confetti at the beginning of a big festival, the beginning of a masquerade, the sick remains of all those lovely childhood dreams, the black river so shinny its light is still travelling back, not nostalgia, no, but tangible light, the green luminescence of rosaries, […]

Where You Can No Longer See

by M K Angwenyi The sensation that something had broken open on the other side, In the dead of things, where all we couldn’t see was now shut firmly into the possibilities of memory.  and how, without a word, peace within inability, you let the evening fall through your hair,  dragging the night through,   And in that moment, laid […]