To have the Face of a Muslim: Dalle Abraham

  On the eve of Uncle D’s wedding, I walked into a room in my Akhakhu’s house, where I found Uncle D and Abdirisak, a madrassah boy, sitting on the bed. I stood by and listened as Abdirisak led my uncle in proclaiming the Shahada. “Ash Hadu…” the madrassa boy said, prompting my uncle to repeat the words. “Ash Hadu…” […]

Mziki wa Kisasa

by drr kama ni success niko na ubao kaa mwalimu – Sir Owi Mistari was initially supposed to be shot in daylight. Late that Friday afternoon, Sir Owi, in blue baggy jeans, loose red T-shirt branded Sir Owi and brown Timberlands grew restless waiting in his one-roomed house in Umoja 1 for his production crew that was hours late. He […]