As part of our Ritual issue, we present this great collaboration:

Poem: Chebet Fataba Kakulatombo
Voice: Chebet Fataba Kakulatombo
Piano, Voice: Petero Kalulé
Mixing & Mastering: Yabework Abebe

Chebet Fataba is a Taurus Sun lover & loiterer from Toronto. She conjures through dance & poeting and has been published on Burning House Press and As Equals Africa. Her writing can be found on

Petero Kalulé (@nkoyenkoyenkoye) is a composer, poet, and multi-instrumentalist. Their first collection of poems, Kalimba, was published by Guillemot Press in May 2019. Their second book of poems co-written with Clarissa Álvarez is forthcoming with Guillemot Press.

Yabework Abebe Kifetew is an urban planner, map enthusiast, singer, photographer, guitarist, visual artist, rookie barista, friend and lover. She loves the colour yellow, growing her plant collection and time bending with her loved ones.


Nduta Kariuki: