Issue 2 | Ritual


Ayiecho :  Caroline Okello
A Corbeaux Sun  :   Kwasi Tarik Ibn Mohammed Shade
Devotion & other poems :  Ojo Taiye
When was the last time you were a human? :  Greenman Mbilo
A Bedtime Story for Girls and Boys :  Kharys Laue
Paintings by Moses Tosh
Unprecedented : April Zhu
Seperation :  Baishampayan Seal
Seven Notes on Sleep Paralysi  :  Rofhiwa Maneta
To have the face of a Muslim :  Dalle Abraham
Heavenly Bodies and other poems  :  Pazqal Eriq
A Meal is a Meal  :  Nnamdi Anyadu
The Poet Catalog’s Worship  :  Pèlúmi Sàlàkó
How to take a selfie :  Kunle Okesipe
Mourning Period  :  Lutivini Majanja
Making Time :  Michael Onsando
Lilian Konuche  :  Shades
Life Begins at 40 : Ray Mwihaki
Fig Tree with Ma and Other Poems  :  Christine Coates
Needing  :  Ivy Nyayieka
A Numinous Name  :  James Onyebuchi Nnaji
a worry in its mathematical form :  Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto
Story Za Kuandika :  Ndinda & Makena
We Cannot Stop & Other Poems  :  Osahon Oka
The Long Sweat :  Katleho Kano Shoro
The lord’s prayer & other poems  :  Kunle Okesipe
Like a bird making home in the light  :  Olakitan Aladesuyi
Making Home :  Ophelia Akanjo
How We Remember  :  Ernest Ogunyemi
As it Should  :  Sheena Gimase Magenya
Fruitful Seas :  Ally Abdallah Baharoon
The Song of The Beast :  Owen Uachave
When you visit  :  Nyamwa
The Lesser Man : Tristan Marajh

Carey Baraka is a writer from Kisumu, Kenya. He sings for a secret choir in Nairobi.

Wairimũ Murĩithi is a writer with many other names. She is lactose intolerant but cannot give up cheese.