Ray Mwihaki: And to You, Many Returns

When you hear whispers in this part of town, it’s either hot gossip that you must partake in with an arched back, hands cupped around your ears, widening eyes and standing akimbo. Rarely do they come from the abyss yet there were whispers coming from the tree no one should touch. It had not been much of a tree for […]

The Undoing: Arwa Michelle Mboya

When Rita Kamau was born on the 17th of December 2001 to a sea of eager female eyes (some old, most middle-aged, a few under the age of ten), she was a soft caramel colour and almost completely bald. ‘All babies come out that way. She’ll grow hair eventually.’ The nurse told her mother, Susan. Susan had undergone eight hours […]

Stories from a Region in my Mind

by Carey Baraka One day, when Mrs. K was walking past the church where they’d been so happy, she heard a carful of boys drive behind her. They were screaming lewd things. Anatomy that they would like to suck. Vistas they would like to explore. What they’d like to do to her ass. But then they got closer, saw her […]

A Sculpture of String

by drr He is on his sixth menthol since I came into the room to find him under a white linen sheet on the couch watching Al Jazeera. The humidity somehow makes the peppermint welcome, especially after the all night sweat of the kange and burst pipes past Bamburi. His body is splayed on the couch with abandon, some kind […]