Kiziwi: Khadija Abdalla Bajaber

  Marwa trailed around the tree. There had been an old ice lolly stick in the sand, scuffed and worn as though it were a splinter of flotsam. She circled with one hand roaming the cracked bark, tight and controlled as a math compass. Her other hand gripped the spike. She was bored, she went onto her toes and then […]


moth thoughts of simulation\oscillating love\rain also fellfelt\from the skies\wings unable to hold their source\kundalini serpent that disentangled your spine\voice from a radio\1982\coup formationhow moth flewacross in the dark\fingers felt touchy\pollen on the fingertips\spectral wind brushing your cheeks to home\calmness lulled to a rhyme\he walked home barefoot\i can’t fly\he says Kamwangi Njue: Bra Moth and His Blues  Although this [COVID-19] crisis […]