Eliseus ‘Zeus’ Bamporineza: Under the Moonshine

That day, around 9 pm,

After a picnic at Jardin Public,

Before I unlocked the door;

Your eyeballs almost out, you gazed

Upon me and left me dazed.

Gasping as if chocked, you pulled me,

Squeezed me, kissed my neck.

Then you pinned me against the wall,

You unbuttoned my long sleeve flannel shirt,

Unzipped my faded indigo jeans,

Slid your soft hands into my silky boxer.

You found it stiff and began to stroke it.


“Can I kneel down and suck it?”

You murmured, frenzied.

“Babe, we are still outside!”

I screamed at you, startled.

“I see, but love doesn’t hide Nor does it know shame!”

You yelled to me with enticing eyes.

Then you drew down my pants.

Your cumulonimbus-like mouth rained on me.

Dew-like drops electrified me.

We made love under the moonshine.

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