Bertha Odawa: Voices

Click, Clack, Bang, Boom!

The sounds, loud and explosive,

The screams, the weapons, the silence, the death,

Ching, Chang, cling, clang,

The music drowned out as the joy fades,

Bing, bang, boom,

The stories fading out as the narrative changes,

Shh, Ahh, Ohh,

Huddling, survival, the native camps, now homes,

Mama, Baba, Baby,

The pain of loss, the disintegration of family,

Labour, Slavery, Resources,

In the Savannah, the land of wonder,

Sit and you will wonder about life in yonder,

Time, Distance, Chance,

The loss of identity,

Course, culture, roots,

Reality warped by misfortune,

Silence, loud silence,

If you listen, you will hear their cries for dignity,

Community, family, synergy,

Origins recorded in sound, forever warped,

Shattered by a loud bang,

Click, clack, bang, boom,

Now only slivers of the truth remain,

Scattered, begging to be made whole.

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