Blood In The Summer: Sihle Ntuli

desensitized /
the body / has grown used to /
the annual / oppression / of an unrelenting

/ the high-pitched / flap
of wings / the mozzies / out for /
/ December death traps / on moving vehicles
/ for a long time now /
mankind / at odds /
with nature /with machines /
the collisions /

rush of blood /
the intoxicating / summer
under / the oppressive /
the unrelenting / sun
the skin / has lost faith
there is necessity / to become /
like leather /
the type / worn for /protection /
rather than / warmth.


Reached for money
Inside thin pockets
The monthly tithe,
Until the day that I felt anxious
About how easily money
Left my hands.

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Sihle Ntuli (@sihlexntuli) is a 29-year-old Classicist based in Durban. He holds an MA from Rhodes University, Makhanda. Ntuli is an award-winning lecturer, having received the 2019 CTL Innovation Award for Curriculum Design and Delivery during his most recent tenure at the University of the Free State. His work has appeared in New Contrast, Agbowo II: Limits Issue & Brittle Paper presents 20:35 Africa Volume II among others. His first chapbook (and overall second collection of poetry) Rumblin is forthcoming from acclaimed South African publisher Uhlanga in 2020.

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