Sandakwata: Linda Musita

Mother was always worried that someone had intentions to cast evil eyes on her first grandchild. Her house was unceasingly full of people whose intentions were never clear. Close relatives, distant relatives, sometimes with their children and their help. It was a three-bedroom house that had beds in all rooms except the bathroom and the toilet. There were two double-deckers […]

Falling: Aress Mohamed.

This place, where his elder brother has been for three months now, unsettles Mahad, with its large compound strewed with tall grass and groaning garbage piles, and its old, squalid office buildings and wards. His arms feel heavy and his body is tense. His gut feels as though it is falling—a constant feeling lately. He has just flown back into […]

Four Installations, by Michael Onsando

(excerpts from the upcoming book ‘The Perilous Journey to Beyond my Nose’) (1)* It’s only possible to run when your footsteps are slower than those of the labourers. Except if you can fly. * When it comes down to it, we use the past to create the future. We take the ply from previous crossings, process it, shine it up […]

The Undoing: Arwa Michelle Mboya

When Rita Kamau was born on the 17th of December 2001 to a sea of eager female eyes (some old, most middle-aged, a few under the age of ten), she was a soft caramel colour and almost completely bald. ‘All babies come out that way. She’ll grow hair eventually.’ The nurse told her mother, Susan. Susan had undergone eight hours […]